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Today, ahq eSports Club announced their lineup for the 2019 season via Facebook premier featuring two new Korean players: mid laner Kim “Rainbow” Soo-ji and jungler Kim “Baby” Dong-woo. AD carry Chou “AN” Chun-An, support Wu “Kino” Tsin-Jung, mid laner Tsou “Wako” Wei-Yang, and top laner Chen “Ziv” Yi will also return for ahq in 2019. Most notably, longtime support Kang “Albis” Chia-Wei has been excluded from the lineup. He was also excluded from the main lineup at the beginning of 2018 before returning in the middle of the Spring Split.

Rainbow spent the 2018 season with Afro Gaming, maintaining a steady presence in the mid lane for a lower-tier team. Photo courtesy of Garena Esports.

The core of ahq’s late season roster remains the same, but is bolstered with Korean players for the 2019 season. Baby is a lesser-known jungler, only having played in the League of Legends Japan Challenger Series with the BowQen Blackbucks. With the Blackbucks, he dominated the Japanese Challenger league and aided greatly in the team’s perfect 10-0 record.

Mid laner Rainbow is more well-known as a player, competing with APK Prince in the Korean Challenger scene before joining the LoL Masters Series’ own Afro Gaming. Afro struggled to remain relevant in 2018, but despite that, Rainbow was a reliable mid laner for most of the year.

Moving forward for ahq, the general skill ceiling has been elevated, but the issue of communication arises. ahq does not profile as a title contender for the 2019 season, but has effectively plugged holes with foreign talent. Rainbow and Baby are ahq’s first Korean imports and will fulfill roles that the team has struggled to fill dating back to 2016.

Ziv remains as the team’s star player and leader, while AN joins back as a relatively stable carry. Both players have been with ahq since 2015. Kino came into the ahq lineup late last season as a rookie, but impressed and was key to ahq’s 3-1 victory in the LMS Summer Promotion tournament against Kowloon Esports.

ahq’s 2019 roster is as follows: 

Top laner, Ziv

Jungler, Baby

Mid laner, Rainbow

Mid laner, Wako

AD carry, AN

Support, Kino

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