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In the early days of 2019 LPL Spring Split, Suning were one of the teams on the very top. Today, they are out of the top 8.

Suning entered the Lunar New Year break with a 4-1 record, the second best in the league. Their only loss was to FunPlus Phoenix, the ranking leaders and still the only undefeated team in the tournament.

Since LPL resumed, however, Suning have been on a free-fall of a cold streak. Combined with their loss to FPX, Maple and SwordarT’s team are a on four-game losing streak. Though some defeats have been at the hands of top teams, 0-2’s by EDward Gaming and especially Rogue Warriors are nothing to write home about.

Today’s loss to Invictus Gaming further showed, that Suning have a lot to fix if they’re to be called a top LPL team.

The Rookie and TheShy show

Of the two games played, game 1 stood out as an example of iG’s absolute superiority. Rhapsodic performances by TheShy and Rookie highlighted the match, outclassing Suning every step of the way.

iG’s inertia was so large, that the reigning champions scored a kill every single minute. Suning returned only 10 kills to iG’s 30. Combined, TheShy and Rookie’s KDA was up to 15/1/19 and featured outplays such as this.

This 0-2 loss puts Suning just out of LPL’s top 8 with a score of 4-4 (9-9 in games). Most of the teams ahead of Suning, however, still have matches to play and catch-up. Victory 5, current #7 seed, are only at 3-2, and so are RNG. A return to the upper half is still possible for Suning, especially if they don’t botch against the #15 rank OMG.

Photo by: Riot Games

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