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It will be a classic East vs. West bracket in the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational semifinals. After Invictus Gaming finished 1st and SK Telecom took 2nd, iG only had the option to choose between the two western teams left in the tournament.

Going for arguably the easier match-up considering Team Liquid’s and G2 Esports’ overall performance in the tournament, iG have picked TL to be their opponents. This will be the first time ever the two teams meet in a best-of-5 series and iG also won both best-of-1 games against TL in MSI 2019.

This sets up a G2 versus SKT match-up in the other semifinal. Until MSI 2019, SKT were undefeated in the match-up, having a 5-0 record against G2 at international events, including the finals of MSI 2017. This group stage, however, SKT lost both best-of-1’s to the LEC champions and this will be their chance to prove they can prevail in a full-blooded series.

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In all MSI history, there hasn’t been a western winner and China and Korea have each won two titles. MSI 2019 will either crown the first western champion or break the balance between LPL and LCK.

The winner of the tournament will win 40% of its total prize pool, formed by the initial $1 million plus 25% of all revenue generated from Conqueror Alistar & 2019 Conqueror Ward skin sales.

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