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SK Telecom T1 will debut their new star line-up in the opening game of LCK Spring 2019. The legacy team opens against Jin Air Green Wings on Jan. 16.

There’s much anticipation surrounding the reborn SKT. The three-time world champions had a rough 2018, the hardest year in their history in fact. After finishing 4th in Spring 2018, SKT had a disastrous summer, finishing 7th in the regular split. Barely qualifying for the LCK Gauntlet, SKT then fell to Gen.G to miss Worlds for the second time in franchise history.

So when the offseason came, SKT needed a revival and through it — redemption. The org kept their star Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeon but released everyone else. This even included long-standing bot lane duo Bae “Bang” Jun-sik and Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan, as well as jungler Kang “Blank” Sun-gu.

Eventually, SKT filled up their 10-man roster with a mix of up-and-comers and veterans. Top laner Kim “Khan” Dong-ha, jungler Kang “Haru” Min-seung and support Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong are among the poster boys for the new SKT alongside Faker. The question is: can these names start winning trophies for SKT again?

SKT’s opening match should be an easy one on paper, as Faker and co. play the struggling Jin Air Green Wings. They’re to have a much harder time in their second game of the week, though. On Jan. 18, SKT face Summer 2018 bronze finalists Afreeca Freecs, who are already a tried and tested roster.

The full week 1 schedule is available below. Official English stream is available here, and the Korean one is here.

LCK Spring 2019 week 1 schedule

Jan. 16 — 00:00 PST — SKT vs. JAG
Jan. 16 — 03:00 PST — DWG vs. GEN

Jan. 17 — 00:00 PST — KT vs. HLE
Jan. 17 — 03:00 PST — KZ vs. GRF

Jan. 18 — 00:00 PST — GEN vs. SBG
Jan. 18 — 03:00 PST — AFS vs. SKT

Jan. 19 — 00:00 PST — DWG vs. KT
Jan. 19 — 03:00 PST — GRF vs. JAG

Jan. 20 — 00:00 PST — KZ vs. SBG
Jan. 20 — 03:00 PST — AFS vs. HLE

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