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Photo by: Audi

German car manufacturer Audi has announced its partnership with League of Legends team Origen ahead of the LEC 2019 season. The 3-years deal adds Audi to an already impressive list of Origen sponsors, including Gillette, Twitch and RFRSH Entertainment.

LEC 2019 marks Origen’s return to the highest European scene. The organization of former pro player Enrique “xPeke” Martinez debuted in EU LCS to high expectations in 2015, but after rough 2016 and 2017, it faced relegation away from the league. Origen spent a year and a half fighting to return back to EU LCS and finally did it with the introduction of the franchising model which made the LEC.

As for Audi, Origen represents the perfect opportunity to get back in the brightest esports spotlight. In January 2017, Audi Denmark partnered with CS:GO team Astralis, its logo even taking a prominent spot on the players’ jerseys. In November 2018, however, Astralis revealed their new jersey design with the Audi logo missing. The company is also not listed as a partner on Astralis’ official website.

By partnering with Origen, Audi secures a good position on the esports market. Being one of the ten LEC franchises, Origen are certain to not face elimination and have a long-lasting future in the league — something always valuable for a sponsor.

“The deal stands on two legs so to speak,” said Jakob Lund Kristensen, co-founder of RFRSH Entertainment. “One is the partnership around Origen, our League of Legends team who already has millions of followers globally. The deal will strengthen the team and our possibilities to develop the facilities and performance organization around the players. It’s massive for us to be able to enter a partnership with a brand of this caliber already now, before we have played a single official match with Origen and it tells us a lot about the potential of the team and Audi’s dedication.”

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