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LGD's LoL manager, on-stage host comment on recent matchfixing debacle

LGD Gaming's League of Legends team came into bad light yesterday after LPL officials issued temporary and lifetime bans to

SKT's gut-punching losing streak in the LCK continues

SK Telecom T1 are not having a great summer split. The reigning LCK champions have now lost four games in

Teamfight Tactics peaks over 210,000 viewers on launch day

If day one viewership statistics are any indication (though usually they are not), Teamfight Tactics — the LoL Auto Chess mode

FunPlus Phoenix stay undefeated in the LPL, highlight match vs. RNG gathers hype

There are only six teams in the major regions that are still undefeated and among them, FunPlus Phoenix hold the

Condi suspended for 18 months, LGD manager gets lifetime ban for suspected coercion to matchfixing

LGD Gaming's jungler Xiang "Condi" Ren-Jie has been issued an 18-month competitive ban following investigations about gambling and match fixing

Watch the first gameplay footage of Teamfight Tactics — the LoL Auto Chess mode

So far, Teamfight Tactics has been the Auto Chess variant with the least information known. Would the gameplay be different

The LCS is in a six-way tie for 1st after week 3

For some time, it's the LPL that's been considered the most contested region among the majors ones. But three weeks

Reports: LCK's 3rd seed to start Worlds 2019 in Play-in stage

The many assumptions about the regional seeding for Worlds 2019 might end up being true. According to multiple sources of

The LoL Auto Chess — Teamfight Tactics — launches June 18 on the PBE

According to Riot Games senior designer Ed "SapMagic" Altorfer, the League of Legends product in the Auto Chess genre, Teamfight

After terrorizing the top lane, the new Mordekaiser is already getting nerfed

It wasn't going to last, really. The reworked Mordekaiser hit the live servers just a couple of days ago to