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Clozer subs Faker for the first time and destroys KT Rolster

Korean legendary team T1 are not having their best Summer Split this year and today's series against KT Rolster was

The LEC Steps Back and Cancels NEOM Partnership

On Wednesday, July 29th, a new sponsorship was announced by the League of Legends European Championship as Main Partner for

LEC announce their most controversial sponsorship

The LEC has announced many new sponsors lately, but today a new Main Partner for the 2020 Summer Split has

Summer Playoffs Patch 10.16 Preview: 24 Champions modified

Once again, Riot Games Lead Gameplay Designer for League of Legends Mark Yetter brings us a first Preview of the

Leaked: 'Samira' could be the next ADC for League of Legends

It seems like Riot Games are working very hard on their oldest game lately. Around three days have passed since

G2 GrabbZ: "We trust each other, we will win, and if we finally fail, I will take all the responsibility"

The LEC 2020 Summer Split is being absolutely crazy. Some of the teams that were not even able to qualify

Yone's Abilities and Teaser finally revealed

After several weeks of leaks, rumors, and all the hype created by Riot Games, Yone is finally released as the

New Spirit Blossom Skins revealed

With the release of the new League of Legends Patch 10.15, Spirit Blossom Event has started, and some new skins

Patch 10.15 official Notes: big nerf to Aphelios, enormous buff to Swain, and Spirit Blossom Skins

Finally, we have all the details of the newest League of Legends Patch 10.15, with all its nerfs, buffs and

C9 Licorice: the story of a World-class top laner

Eric "Licorice" Ritchie is a well known League of Legends top laner that, at the age of 22, enters in

Bwipo talks about Fnatic's poor performance and takes responsibility

The second round of the League of Legends European Championship Summer Split just started after a week off, and all