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SK Pirean flips off the camera, as lag forces a remake of LEC opening match

One of the oldest rivalries in European League, that between Fnatic and SK Gaming, wasn't off to a good start

LPL rookies Victory 5 show teeth, despite loss to TOP

Photo by: Riot Games Friday was an important day for LoL organization Victory 5: it was their first ever day in

Thorin and Raz Kick Off 2-Hour Premier Episode of Middle Kingdom Minds - All about the LPL

Duncan “Thorin” Shields is at it again and this time he has an accomplice.  Barento "Razleplasm" Mohammed will join Thorin

Maple and SwordArt's Suning clutch against Vici Gaming for 2-1 win

Photo by: Riot Games In 2018, Vici Gaming were the worst team in LPL. In both splits, they finished bottom of

ADD: "In solo queue, I always pick Poppy when I see my opponent picking Jax."

Photo by: After a comfortable 2-0 against LGD on its home turf, Bilibili Gaming sat down for a press conference

Kuro after beating LGD: "It's a pity that I got really nervous and failed to play up to my potential."

Photo by: Riot Games 2018 Bilibili Gaming was nothing spectacular. 2019 BLG, however, has the potential to cause more than a

"Welcome to the LPL": EDG interviewed after dominating SinoDragon

Photo by: EDward Gaming took their first LPL win today, walking over league newcomers SinoDragon. The veterans went 36-4 in

BLG rookie Meteor shines on Camille, schools LGD in their own home

Artwork by: Riot Games 2018 was a year of ups and downs for Bilibili Gaming (BLG). The team performed admirably in

EDG massacre SinoDragon as they welcome them to the LPL

Photo by: Riot Games Imagine being freshly qualified into the LPL, only to be greeted by one of the most established

FunPlus Phoenix upset Rogue Warriors with Doinb's signature Kled

Photo by: ESL | Helena Kristiansson After iG opened strong against TOP on day 1 of LPL 2019 Spring, it were Rogue

iG flawless against TOP in the first LPL game of 2019

photo by: Riot Games Invictus Gaming (iG) showed they have the full intention to dominate the LPL in yet another split.

VPEsports and the LPL Partner to Bring New 60-Minute Show to YouTube

The Tencent League of Legends Professional League (LPL) and VPEsports have partnered to bring YouTube viewers a weekly 60-minute show