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Cloud9 reiterated their absolute dominance over the LCS as they destroyed 100 Thieves 3-0 in Sunday night’s Spring Playoffs upper bracket semifinal. The regular season winners made the series look like a scrim battle, winning in 30 minutes or less in each of the three games.

Games 1 and 2 were particularly one-sided, as Cloud9 gave 100 Thieves only five kills in total between both. In Game 2, C9 were so dominant that by minute 18, 100T had two of their inhibitors taken down and their Nexus by minute 23.

While every lane of Cloud9 won its match-up, with Eric “Licorice” Ritchie’s Ornn even solo-killing Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho’s Aatrox in game 2, it was Yasin “Nisqy” Dincer who stood out the most. Playing a pitch-perfect Zoe, Nisqy led the charts in kills and damage dealt and would end the night as the series’ MVP, with 17/0/19 combined KDA over the three games.

Game 3 was by far the most contested one. 100 Thieves took a crucial level 1 win and went head-to-head with Cloud9 in the early game, but C9’s teamfighting was still superior. A the 30-minute mark, C9 found the “thieves” in their jungle and traded four-for-nil to sweep the series clean.

Cloud9 are to face Evil Geniuses in the next round on Saturday, Apr. 11, remaining the heaviest favorite for the title. On Tuesday and Wednesday, on the other hand, the first two teams will be eliminated from the playoffs.
FlyQuest face Golden Guardians on Apr. 7, while Team SoloMid play 100 Thieves on Apr. 8.

Image by: Liquipedia
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