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The many assumptions about the regional seeding for Worlds 2019 might end up being true. According to multiple sources of Korean outlet OSEN, China’s LPL will be the region to have all its three qualified teams seeded straight into the Worlds 2019 main event. In turn, this means that all other major regions — the LCK included — will see their #3 seeds start in the Play-in stage.

This is quite a hit to Korea, which has been the dominant region in League of Legends for the longest time. Since the change of format to the World Championship in 2017, which introduced the division between Play-in and Main Event stages, the LCK has been the region to earn three main event seeds both years.

But it seems the poor results dating back to the start of 2018 have demoted the LCK in favor of LPL. Last year, the LPL won all three international tournaments (MSI, Rift Rivals, and Worlds) and performed distinctly better than LCK at MSI 2019, with Invictus Gaming going 9-1 in the group stage before losing the semifinals. China is also considered by many to be the strongest region and a trend setter in LoL, so giving it three main event seeds makes sense.

Riot are expected to make a statement denying or confirming the reports soon.

Based off how MSI 2019 developed, one can expect that the other regions to get three seeds total will be LEC and LCS. A question of uncertainty hangs over the LMS. In 2018, the region sent three teams total — Flash Wolves and MAD Team directly to the group stage, and G-Rex to the Play-ins — but the region is considered in decline, which may lead to one fewer seed in favor of another region, potentially.

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