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PSG.LGD finished the previous season with a commendable second place at The International 2018 and given the fact that the TI8 patch was there to stay until after the first Major of the 2018-2019 Dota Pro Circuit, the Chinese team was expected to crush it at the Kuala Lumpur Major.

Unfortunately, the fans’ expectations were not met. PSG.LGD came to Kuala Lumpur without their coach, who was on vacation until this past Monday, and besides missing Yao “QQQ” Yi’s drafting, the five players lacked in a few other aspects, as their manager, Pan Fei revealed in a Weibo post upon the team’s return from Malaysia.

“We had a half-month long boot-camp before this Major and the main reason that resulted in our loss was miscommunication. That’s also why sometimes you could see the team looking disorganized and giving away free, random kills”, Fei explained on Weibo. The PSG.LGD manager touched on the criticism his players got for their drafts and the overall strategy used at the Major, explaining that all that was played on the main stage was discussed prior to the matches. He also replied to the fans who messaged him asking to have more of a hands-on approach and stop the “unconventional” drafts.

“Some fans messaged and asked me to hold them back whenever they want to pick some unorthodox lineups, but in my opinion, versatility has always been one of Dota2’s great charms. The lineups were discussed before the match and our attention should be focusing on the mistakes we made. With the absence of our coach, I don’t think I have a better understanding of the game than our players, so I respect their choices,” Fai said. He also revealed that three of the team members were a bit too lazy in the post TI8 short vacation. The new season started less than a month after The International 2018, which for the entire competitive scene was all too soon, given the fact that everyone had to play in the Kuala Lumpur Major qualifiers. OG for example, decided to skip the first major completely to have a proper vacation. According to Pan Fei, the PSG.LGD players were of course allowed to take a couple of weeks break, but they were requested to play a minimum of three pub games every day. However, just two of them did so.

“Except for Ame and xNova, the rest of the players have already been fined,” Fei said, which means that Maybe, Chalice and fy ignored the organization requirement for those few weeks of vacation.  

At the beginning of the week, Monday 19, the team coach returned from his vacation as well and PSG.LGD entered a two-week boot camp in Shanghai, China to focus on the new patch. During the boot camp, they are also playing along with other 15 Chinese teams in the H-Cup Season 10, which can potentially help them to get a faster acquaintance to the new patch. The Chongqing Major Chinese closed qualifiers are set to begin at the end of the next week, on the 28th of November and PSG.LGD are surely looking to clinch a ticket at the first Major held in China this season.


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