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The recent Mobile Legends: Bang Bang patch made several big adjustments, but this article is all about the items and how they can impact the game.

Patch 1.4.60 made changes to Dominance Ice, Twilight Armor, Endless Battle, and Blade of Heptaseas which we’ll be covering in this piece in relation to what they do and how they pair with or against certain heroes.

1. Dominance Ice

  • 10% Crit Chance Reduction is removed, new attribute: +5% Movement SPD.
  • Unique Passive – Arctic Cold: effect range increased by 20%.
  • Total cost reduced from 2160 to 2010.
  • New recipe: Black Ice Shield+Leather Jerkin, compound price is adjusted accordingly.

Characters that will benefit the most from changes: Hylos, Grock, and Khufra. Dominance Ice pairs well with the individual skills these heroes have to allow them to slow down their enemies.

2. Twilight Armor

  • The +50 HP Regen is removed, new attribute: +20% Crit Damage Reduction.
  • New Recipe: Ares Belt+Vitality Crystal+Power Crystal, the compound price is changed so the total cost remains the same.

This item is best used against: Bruno, Lesley, and Granger. This is of course due to its ability to counter some of their critical strike chances.

3. Endless Battle

  • Unique Passive – Divine Justice: additional true damage reduced from 85% to 70% of Physical ATK.

Characters that will benefit the most from changes: Bruno, Karrie, and Ling. This is mostly due to the lifesteal and true damage it provides.

4. Blade of the Heptaseas

  • Unique Passive – Ambush: Additional Damage of next basic attack adjusted from 100% Total Physical ATK to180 + 100% Total Physical ATK.

Characters that will benefit the most from changes: Chou, Natalia, and Aldous. A quick way to hit hard and fast thanks to the Ambush ability gives all these heroes the opportunity to get a massive % increase to their damage when combined with their already present skills.

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