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We’re just a week away from the Group Stages of The International 2018 kicking off – but for now, we get to watch the Battle Pass continue to push the prize pool upward and see the Arcana Vote find its semi-finalists. The Arcana vote has been ongoing since the Battle Pass came out and with only a week left to TI8, four heroes are left in the pool; Rubick, Spectre, Invoker and Faceless Void.

The quarter-finals of the Arcana Vote saw Bristleback, Sniper, Anti-Mage and Wraith King all still in the pool but after the millions of votes were tallied, we were left with our last 4 semi-finalists. Below you’ll find the percentages of each hero which won to take its place in the top 4 of the Arcana Vote.

Sniper vs Rubick
Bristleback vs Spectre
Invoker vs Wraith King
Faceless Void vs Anti-Mage

At the moment, it would seem that Rubick is getting all the love possible, racking up nearly 13,000,000 votes over Sniper in the previous round – and from what we’ve seen on the likes of Reddit and Twitter, most people are calling for Rubick. Tweets are littered with memes calling for Rubick to be the one and only victor in the vote, but the community is definitely going to be split once it comes down to the wire. Invoker claimed the second highest votes in the last round, with Spectre and Faceless Void taking 3rd and 4th respectively. Overall – throughout the entire 2018 Arcana Vote period, Rubick, Invoker and Spectre are holding the top 3 spots – with Void down on the 6th place behind 2 already eliminated heroes.

With just over six days left of the semi-final of the Arcana Vote, it will be interesting to see if Rubick and Invoker will be the final two heroes standing or if Spectre of Faceless Void will get some love from the community and trounce their opponents.

As we edge ever so close to The International 2018, the prize pool is still growing and remains slightly ahead of last year on the graphs and with just under 18 days left until we reach the end of the growth, we should see a fairly sizeable reward for TI8.

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