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Zhou “Emo” Yi destroyed paiN Gaming with 15 kills in 16 minutes while breaking several records and displaying one of the best early game Invoker plays. Check out the draft analysis to find out how IG defeated paiN in the early game and watch the incredible 15-0-7 killing spree highlights.

Game 2 Picks and Bans

Draft Advantage overview

Invictus Gaming had 59% advantage in draft and that is a good difference considering both the teams decided to go for a team-fight draft. The greatest advantage for IG was the roaming power of supports in the early game and Sun Strike ability globally available to assist in the kills. Pain Gaming’s supports had to play defensive as they were facing good burst damage and lock-down abilities. If IG hadn’t played so well in the early game then also they would have given a good fight in the end due to their counter draft.

Draft Advantage in detail

The biggest advantage for Pain Gaming was their Right Click damage and mobility whereas for IG it was Split Pushing and Counter Picks. Heroes like Alchemist and Bristleback are durable but with proper damage inside Faceless Void’s Chronosphere they can be killed even in the late game. Invictus Gaming also had lots of disables supported by high burst damage nukes. The biggest disadvantage for Pain Gaming was that they had no supports to counter Chronosphere e.g. Dazzle, Winter Wyvern, Vengeful Spirit or Pudge who can save their teammate who is stuck inside the Chronosphere.

Watch the record breaking performance by Invoker in action:

Lion and Ogre ganked every lane and tried to find kills wherever possible but Invoker’s solo kills on Alchemist gave him huge experience that allowed him to level up and increase Sun Strike’s damage. Just 5 minutes into the game, Sun Strike’s damage was able to take 50% HP of most of the enemy heroes which allowed IG to secure kills efficiently all around the map. This way Pain Gaming lost all the lanes, had almost no place to farm and eventually, they surrendered.

The stats below show the ranking of top Invoker performances and iG.Emo who was previously known as HAlf leads the rankings now.

End Game statistics
Networth Graph

A tip for young players:

Combinations with Invoker lead to aggressive early game and the best way to fight that is going on the offensive yourself. Even if you have a bad draft, group up, out-number the targeted lane and find kills. Trading kills is still better than playing defensive and getting out-played.

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