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The arcana vote for the TI10 Battle Pass is down to the top four and one name that always makes it to at least the semifinals is out – Invoker! The charge against voting Invoker out seems to have worked as Invoker has been kicked to the curb, after losing a closely contested quaterfinal against Witch Doctor. The Doctor had the perfect bad medicine for Voker, and that too in the right dosage. Witch Doctor’s win was the closest of all four contests, getting 52.2% of the votes over Invoker’s 47.8%.

The other three heroes in the top four are Faceless Void, Sniper and Spectre. Void thrashed Lion (thank God, Lion has more than enough apparel) with the highest number of votes received – 9.14 million! The Sniper – Anti-Mage matchup was one that got 8.69 million votes in total, less than what Faceless Void got alone. So there’s a good chance Sniper will face defeat in the next round as he goes up against Faceless Void. The big question now is, can Witch Doctor find the right medicine for Spectre? Spectre seems like a popular choice for people as well, getting 8.19 million votes. And there is the issue of all the Invoker sympathizers who will want to vote the Doctor out of the clinic. Sheever for one, believes Witch Doctor, being the only support amongst the top four, deserves some love and has called upon all supports to vote for him.

Can Sniper pull off an upset? Can Witch Doctor fend off a Haunting Spectre? It’s all in your hands – go and gets your votes in!

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