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For the past two months, Valve has been working on a Summer Scrub campaign hoping to fix as many bugs in Dota 2 as possible. They made a call to arms for the community to report any abnormal behavior or glitches in the game, but the immediate effect is that pub games are flooded nowadays with scripts that ruin the player experience.

It feels like Valve’s good intention only taunted the twisted minds and challenged the account boosters to become even more creative than before. Through the last month Valve’s focus was on changing the MMR and party/solo queuing system. Those two go hand in hand, obviously, as players get their MMR updated based on personal performance by role, support or core. In a very recent update, post TI9, Valve announced that they will toggle on and off the solo queue option, but haven’t said anything about the plethora of scripts ran daily in the game, regardless of the rank bracket.

Supposedly, the scripts are more used by account boosters, again a category of players who are yet to be haunted down rigorously. Earlier this week the Dota 2 publisher in China, Perfect World (PW) announced that they have been conducting a vigorous investigation, in which they also involved the police to hunt down people selling Dota 2 scripts. Four people got arrested this week and PW reported to Valve all the scripts that they found. Ideally, those scripts will be added by Valve in their Anti-Cheat System (VAC) and those who get flagged for using them will immediately get banned.

However, the situation is only getting worse in daily pub activity. Regardless of the server, people constantly report the same type of abnormal behavior. The most common scripts are made for heroes and items that have a toggle feature (no cooldown). That’s abused to send a huge amount of commands to the server at the same time, resulting in the server crashing and the game not being registered, therefore players not getting their MMR updated based on the outcome of the game. That’s what the account boosters are exactly looking for in the eventuality of a loss.

This week, on Tuesday, an employee of, a website that provides game analytics using a deep learning API, reported on Reddit a hack used to crush the server and provided full details on their discovery. According to Reddit user stratz_ken, the Stratz API “found on Thursday [September 5] a player scripting in-game that caused about 700,000 items events in one game (avg is around 50 per game). Later, on Friday we found 3 people using this script. Now as of Monday morning over 50 people doing this to players.”

The item mentioned by Ken is Shadow Amulet scripted to cause the crush upon a very loud noise which could be heard by all players in the game. The Script is recorded by Ken in the video below.

WARNING: lower your volume before playing the next two videos.

The same script was reported for Medusa, who can toggle on and off the Mana Shield for the same game crushing effect upon a deafening noise.

Watch Washed up player from LOUISgasialer on

Invoker was also one of the heroes who could use the same script.

In a small update from September 10, Valve tried to prevent the toggle script to work, however, on the following day, the Dota 2 subreddit was still filled with reports of games crushed by Invoker spells. No official announcement or update list has come from Valve as of yet.

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