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AHQ’s Worlds 2019 campaign has ended. The last LMS team left standing faced elimination after their fourth consecutive loss which came to a dominant and confident Invictus Gaming.

Making a sub change in the jungle, iG came to play with long-time starter Gao “Ning” Zheng-Ning instead of Lu “Leyan” Jue, who started for the team in the first round of the group stage. Despite some early game hiccups from Ning, who engaged an early Ocean drake with disregard to his own dropping health and ultimately surrendered to objective to AHQ, iG quickly found a pathway to AHQ’s base. Playing through top, where Kang “TheShy” Seung-log had amassed a 50+ cs lead, iG pushed with Rift Herald to break AHQ’s inhibitor turret at minute 17.

While iG couldn’t take the inhibitor there and then, it was enough advantage for them to safely take Baron as it spawned. The Baron push cost AHQ three turrets and an inhibitor, at which point the game was practically lost for them.

With AHQ out of playoffs contention, the LMS has now been fully eliminated from Worlds 2019. J Team will come out of the tournament with the best result, finishing third in their group and even upsetting major favorites FunPlus Phoenix in the first half.

As for iG, now at 3-1, they will need at least one more win to fully secure their playoffs spot. Their next game is a rematch against DAMWON Gaming, to whom they lost in the first half. Every win today means a lot for the three remaining teams, as they came into today tied at 2-1 record each. DWG and Team Liquid will play next to determine who ties iG at 3-1.

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