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EHOME were eliminated from the Stockholm Major in the first round of the lower bracket playoffs matches. It’s the only Chinese team at the Major to be sent home early, the other three doing pretty well, waiting to start the main event run from comfortable upper bracket semi-finals series.

While Keen Gaming, PSG.LGD and Vici Gaming are fighting in Stockholm this weekend, EHOME have already returned home and it seems like the team is looking to make more roster adjustments before the next set of qualifiers.

EHOME’s position 4 support at the Major in Sweden announced yesterday his departure from the team. Not even a full day later, Sun Gaming’s Li “iceice” Peng took on Weibo to explain how he was invited to join the squad, but actually not wanted by everyone and how he is now in Shanghai without a team and without  his travel expenses being reimbursed. The TI6 Champion with Wings Gaming has at least not lost his sense of humor and started his posts by saying “Jabaited,” then he proceeded to tell the facts from his perspective.

“On March 19, the coach of Ehome contacted me, saying that they need a position 4 and asked me to join for a try-out ASAP. I arrived in Shanghai last night and y` was the only one there to pick me up. Later, when we were on the way to the team house, y` told me that they (xiao8, End, Faith_bian and y`) just had a meeting where they voted to decide whether to have me for the try-out. The result was 3-1 against me, which means I am no longer needed.”

A few hours later, EHOME’s coach Zhang “xiao8” Ning started his stream and told the viewers his side of the story.

“My bad, I shouldn’t have asked Iceice to come before reaching a consensus with the team. 5 votes, 3-2 against Iceice. There was nothing I can do. Initially I thought we’ve reached a consensus. But then we came up with a better alternative which is moving XinQ to position 4, because his position 4 is as good as Iceice’s. Moreover, if XinQ stays in 3, we will have to adjust our playstyle again when Faith_bian comes back. That’s pretty much it, if you want to know more details, there should be an official announcement coming from Ehome soon.”

Xiao8 also mentioned that ASD will be replaced as well. “I’ve found another mid laner, whom I know well. ASD is great skill-wise, but he’s disobedient to management and he also has conflicts with his teammate,” he said on the stream.

In response, Iceice wrote on Weibo that according to y’, who is a former teammate of his from the Wings Gaming times, no one else except himself voted in favor of bringing iceice to EHOME, which contradicts Xiao8’s words.

“Last night I was having dinner with y’. He told me very clearly that he was the only one who voted for me. Xiao8 invited me to come, yet he voted against me. Now he claims that the result was actually 3-2 to play the innocent.”

Shadow: “That’s pretty nasty, sorry to hear that.”

Iceice: “They haven’t even reimbursed the traveling expenses for me yet.”

According to Xiao8, it is expected that EHOME will make an official statement regarding the whole situation later today.

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