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Zachary Smith, Owner of Denial Esports, who had his Twitter account suspended over the weekend is speaking out. Smith has issued a statement to VPEsports regarding the video in which he was filmed repeatedly used homophobic slurs.

“I was quoting a Louis CK skit. In hindsight was a pretty stupid thing to do,” Smith said in his statement. “It was over three years ago, but still, I am sorry I said it because it was hurtful to my LGBTQ friends and the LGBTQ community at large. I should never even use those words I said in the video in any context and I apologize. I’m not homophobic and will just have to prove it rather than say just it.”

Influential people in the esports community have come out in force to condemn the video.

“There are a lot of people out there that have a certain imagine of me and no matter what I do won’t change their mind, I understand,” said Smith. “Having a family with kids really changes your perspective in life and all I really want to do is do right by my family and friends and prove that I’m not the same guy I was even just three years ago.”

Before Denial Esports, Smith helped start,, a site that allows patrons to bet on esports using virtual currency. While most sites have an age restriction in order to place bets, using real currency or otherwise, Moneymatches up until today had no age restrictions for which Smith once again has been called out for on social media.

“I have seen some of the prevailing thoughts out there about Moneymatches and its clear we made an oversight,” Smith lamented. “We are now an 18-and-over site. I should have done this a long time ago, but just didn’t think about changing the wording. It’s being changed today.”

When asked by VPEsports about how he wanted to be viewed in the community Smith said, “I used to not care. But I’ve done a lot of growing up and I really want to be force of good. I want to create opportunities for others while still competing in a business sense. All I can do to prove that is just keep working hard and let people see.”

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