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In the CIS CS:GO scene, the two best teams currently are Na`Vi and HellRaisers. (It’s arguably if HellRaisers is a CIS team given that their two star players are not from CIS, but in terms of the ability to pickup CIS talent, they still are). Yesterday, neL reported that Hobbit was going to play for Hellraisers and replace bondik on the squad. This was confirmed today.


At the same time, Na`Vi have just fallen out of IEM Chicago. While they did just win BLAST Copenhagen, I feel like their goal as a squad should be to become the best team in the world. As it currently stands, they are having a hard time keeping hold of the second place spot as teams like Liquid, Mouz, and FaZe are all hot on their tails.


I’ve mentioned this multiple times before in previous blogs that AdreN is the perfect fit for Na`Vi and he is versatile enough that he can replace the roles of either flamie or Edward depending on how they want to build the team. At the same time, AdreN would be the perfect replacement for Deadfox.


While Deadfox may think he is the team and is the only reason it exists, I personally think his only redeeming quality is that he is a great clutch player. However, AdreN is an even better clutch player than him and has a far better all around game in every other respect inside the game.


Not only that, but I think a lineup consisting of: ANGE1, Hobbit, AdreN, ISSAA, and woxic should instantly put that team in contention for top 5 or higher in the world. So in terms of timing, I think HellRaisers need to get AdreN before Na`Vi even think of the move.

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