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Trump signs executive order that prohibits Tencent and WeChat transactions in the United States

Following the back and forth discussions in the US regarding the possible ban of TickTok, president Donald Trump said earlier

Gen.G add former Heroes of the Storm world champion to LCK roster

Gen.G will look to get a better placement in LCK Summer by making some roster updates. In the off-season between

Heroes of the Storm – Stay a While and Listen

In December last year Blizzard made a tactical, albeit poor, decision to shut down its Heroes of the Storm competitive

Activision Blizzard: A Restructured Explanation

image: Activision Blizzard In a move that we knew was coming for a few days now, Activision Blizzard have laid off

Team Liquid CEO criticizes how HGC was handled, as he releases Heroes team

Photo by: Team Liquid On Friday, Team Liquid released its Heroes of the Storm team. The move came as the logical

Blizzard cancel HGC and Heroes of the Dorm, shift developers away from the game

It's bad news for Heroes of the Storm fans. The scope of Blizzard's hero brawler is getting severely reduced, with

BlizzCon: Orphea is Heroes of the Storm's Newest Hero

For as long as it's existed, Heroes of the Storm has only implemented characters from existing Blizzard games, across all

StarCraft Turns 20 and Blizzard give us Freebies once more

Many of us in the “older” PC gaming generation grew up with Real-Time Strategy games such as StarCraft sucking us