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The news broke out yesterday, on the 24th of July that Newbee had acquired the ex-Forward Gaming roster and the organization that won TI4 would be going to TI9.

The club also made an announcement on their Facebook page declaring the fact that Yawar, CCnC, Sneyking, MSS and pieliedie would be playing in Shanghai at The International 2019 in their colours under the same name. However, nothing was mentioned about how long this contract was for and what had happened to the all-Chinese Newbee lineup that competed in the TI9 qualifiers and failed. Had they been removed?

All these questions were answered by Newbee’s CEO in a TwitLonger post today. In it, he mentioned that the contract with these players was only for TI9 and that they would compete under the name ‘Newbee’ and not something like ‘Newbee.Int’ (Newbee International) as there was not enough time to make new jersey’s and banners.

Because there is so little time until Valve’s official deadlines, we have decided to have the former Forward Gaming roster compete as Newbee, rather than other names such as Then main reasoning is because we would be unable to create new logos, team banners, jerseys, and other materials, in the time left before TI. 

Newbee’s CEO about the new roster competing under the banner of Newbee

Although the CEO, CuZn, said that this lineup was only under contract for TI9, he did mention that the organization was planning on expanding on an international scale and that they would consider renewing the contracts after the event.

Our contract with the ex-Forward Gaming members is only through TI9, but after TI9 we will discuss the potential of renewing their contracts.

Newbee’s CEO on the contracts of the current roster going to TI9

Finally, coming to the issue of the all-Chinese roster, CuZn said they are still under contract and will be resting until The International 2019 was over. The all-Chinese lineup will be rebuilt after TI9 ends.

The DotA lineup that competed in Chinese qualifying for TI9 will not be competing in any more tournaments before the conclusion of the season and will be taking a break. The Chinese lineup will be rebuilt at the end of the season.

Newbee’s CEO on their all-Chinese roster that competed in the TI9 Chinese qualfiers

That puts an end to a lot of questions in the minds of the Dota 2 community. The ex-Forward Gaming roster may just find a new permanent home if they manage to do well at The International 2019 in Shanghai.

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