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With a new update means a whole new set of game files for data miners to dig into and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Thanks to @HYPEX, @Lucas7yoshi, and @TrixBR, who did the leg work by mining and leaking, we’re able to see many of the upcoming skins, pickaxes, back blings, gliders, and emotes.

You can check out the full list of leaks from the v8.20 patch below:


Molten Battle Hound –
Legendary – Release the molten hound!

Molten Valkyrie –
Legendary – A fiery revelation.

Nightwitch –
Epic – Rise with the moon.

Shaman –
Epic – Embody the spirit of victory.

Buccaneer –
Rare – Sail the salty seas.

Sea Wolf –
Rare – Howl at the sea.

Prickly Patroller –
Uncommon – Just a cactus being a cactus.



Demon Skull –
Epic – Imbued with the remnants of a lost soul.

High Seas –
Rare – Steer through the storm.

Moonbone –
Rare – Strike at the full moon.

Prickly Axe –
Rare – Handle with caution.


Back Bling

Molten Crested Cape

Legendary – Molten and courageous.

Molten Valkyrie Wings

Legendary – Burning winds prevail.

Battle Mask

Epic – Battle boldly.

Cuddle Doll

Epic – Cute, cuddly and cursed.

Barrel & Booty

Rare – True bling.


Rare – Ready to board.



Legendary – Awoken by a violent eruption.

Cuddly Cruiser

Rare – The turbulence is bearable.


Uncommon – Set sail to plunder!


Uncommon – Always hit your mark.


Fire Spinner

Epic – Head it up.


Rare – Just a little dance to get the heartrate going.

Jazz Hands

Uncommon – Get jazzy.

Punched Up

Uncommon – Show off your form.


Golden Scales

Rare – Show off your style.


Common – Unknown

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