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This week’s leaked challenges once again come courtesy of FNBRHQ.  The data mining site has provided a copy of the upcoming Season 7 Week 9 challenges.

As with every other week, all players will be able to complete the top three free challenges while only those who have elected to purchase the Battle Pass being granted another four challenges to complete. In this leak, however, the challenges are not split and therefore leaves some room for error in the leak.

New challenges are generally dug up early once a new patch drops allowing leakers to access the games updated files and pull out the challenges.

This season has been a little different as most challenges were previously leaked only days before while Season 7 has seen almost a week between the leaks and the release of challenges. With this longer wait time, we’ve also found the leaks to sometime not be entirely accurate. With this in mind, please be aware leaks are not official and changes can be made by Epic prior to their addition to the game.

The new challenges are expected to make their way into the game on Thursday per usual, but you can plan ahead with this leaked list. While some challenges are available to all users of the free-to-play game, others are limited to those who have taken their dedication to the next level and purchased the battle pass.

Leaked challenges:

  • Hit 3 trash bins with an Icepuck (3)
  • Use a Sneaky Snowman (1)
  • Complete three times trials with the X-4 Stormwing Plane (3)
  • Shotgun eliminations (?)
  • Eliminate opponents at Junk Junction Or Retail Row (?)
  • Land at: 1. Retail Row
    2. Frosty Flight
    3. Haunted Hills
    4. Shifty Shafts
    5. Dusty Divot
  • Dance at three named locations (3)

The battle pass costs users 950 V-Bucks and gives the player the opportunity to unlock new features in the game such as emotes, skins, and more. The Battle Pass helps users to level up through the 100 tiers currently available and acquire these new items in doing so. A quick way to level up is by doing the weekly challenges which grant a good chunk of experience to players in comparison to a standard fight to the death in the game. Speaking of a fight to the death, don’t forget you have to finish the game in order to receive credit in many cases. So either win or go down swinging!

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