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It was a big day for Fortnite and the gaming world today with a big live in-game event taking place, a first of its kind. Epic games hosted a concert within their massively popular battle royale, Fortnite. The act? Marshmello. The EDM DJ recently had an outfit, emote, and more made in his honor in anticipation of the event which saw a massive crowd. You can still grab Marshmello’s items in the Fortnite Item Shop so get to it!

The event was advertised in and out of the game with posters put up around the map and the concert even scheduled on Marshmello’s official website as a stop in his tour.

Marshmello shared his excitement after exiting the stage in a tweet deeming the event one of history.

Popular streamers and community members spoke out and congratulated both Epic and the EDM DJ on the successful event.

If you missed it, fear not as it’s been made available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure right below:

The main point of controversy against the whole ordeal comes from the idea that Marshmello received in-game items while the likes of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins or Turner “Tfue” Tenney, two of the games biggest stars, have yet to receive anything to recognize their commitment or aid to the game.

Massive Twitch streamer DrDisrespect did not hold his tongue when hearing this news which can be seen in the below clip.

While this presents valid points, they hardly take away from the monumental moment Epic and Marshmello just put on for gaming and its continued growth.

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