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If there’s a truth to the pattern, we’re due to receive yet another Twitch Prime Loot Pack in Fortnite quite soon. August is drawing everyone’s eyes as Epic has released the packs roughly every two months which would leave the 8th month of the year next in the sequence.

Fortrisen, a leaker, has revealed the upcoming prime loot packs inventory and it should look familiar. In patch V5.1, many skins were revealed, some of which were already live and others which we’ve still been waiting to see.

The Archetype skin, Caliper pickaxe, Servo glider, and Paradigm back bling are set to make up the upcoming Twitch Prime Loot Pack if the leak is correct. I think many would agree this is probably the “coolest” looking set to come from the packs thus far and may drive more users to start taking advantage of their Amazon account by making it prime or finding someone else’s to use.

This, of course, leads to benefits on other fronts as more Twitch Prime users equal more opportunity for streamers to earn revenue and build their fan base in the game.

There is still no set release date for the loot pack of confirmation of the leaks legitimacy but we feel it’s a safe bet.

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