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Fortnite is back to where it’s used to be: being the #1 game on Twitch. According to data website Twitch Tracker, Epic’s battle royale had a nice increase over the past seven days, putting it over Respawn’s Apex Legends, who’s been hoarding the #1 spot since its launch in early February.

Fortnite didn’t win by much, but did so across the board, beating Apex Legends in peak and average viewers, time watched and channels streaming it. IEM Katowice’s Fortnite tournament helped with the bump-up, peaking at 47,645 viewers and delivering 664K hours watched in just two days.

Apex Legends’ drop to #2 comes in the wake of declining numbers for Respawn’s game. Since it crushed multiple Twitch records during Twitch Rivals with 8.2M hours of watch time, the interest in Apex Legends has been subsiding. The game still puts on impressive numbers, pulling anywhere between 110-120K viewers on average, but the downward trend is evident.

With 46K viewers on average in March, Michael “shroud” Grzesiek continues to be Apex’s foremost streamer, delivering almost half of the game’s viewership, which begs the question what happens if the former CS:GO pro decides to switch games?

If Fortnite and Epic Games can keep up the pace throughout March, they could get even farther ahead next month. Mid April, the road to Fortnite’s $30M World Cup will begin with weekly $1M tournaments and the esports craze could mean record-breaking numbers for Apex’s biggest rival.

There is still too little data to proclaim if one game or the other has won the battle royale race, with Apex Legends being just one month old. What one can say for sure, however, is that Respawn will need something new and fresh — another Twitch Rivals event, perhaps — if it wants to have Apex Legends on top once again.

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