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Epic Games has shined a light on the recent permanent ban placed upon a prominent member of the Fortnite scenes account. FaZe Clans TFUE, considered one of the best players in the game by most recently received a perma-ban on his main account.

Originally thought to be due to the abuse of an in-game glitch as his teammate Cloakzy had claimed on his own stream. Many Fortnite fans were up in arms about why he had received the ban while other well-known figures had been known to use the same glitch. Epic took to the Fortnite Reddit to clear the air and provide the real reason for the FaZe Clan members ban. Citing their EULA, Epic stated that TFUE had knowingly violated their terms.

“Account selling or purchasing violates our EULA. Tfue was aware of this and engaged in that activity anyway. He was also notified of the reason for his account ban, but did not disclose that information to his viewers while streaming.”

This action has gone to show that Epic is unlikely to provide any special treatment to those considered professional players or prominent figures in the space. The massively successful battle royale publisher will certain not see any sort of negative impact due to such actions.

TFUE has already returned to streaming on an alternative account which will now have to be his permanent one.

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