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The biggest celebrity on Twitch has added a couple new words to his ban on sight list. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins was thrown into the spotlight for his super-active personality and love and skill for the game of Fortnite.

He quickly rose to be the most subscribed to Twitch account ever but a very large margin and reached over 240,000 subscribers. Although occasionally taking part in other games on stream, his home has been and continues to be Fortnite, even getting his own event in Chicago in partnership with Red Bull, his energy drink sponsor.

While negatively always seems to make its way around the internet, Twitch streams included, Ninja has decided that any negativity regarding Fortnite being a “dead game” will not be tolerated.

The 27-year-old has asked his mods to take care of this issue. “Hey mods, from now on we full-blown ban anyone that says that Fortnite is dead,”  Ninja said. “If you wanna stop playing Fortnite man, because you’re not having fun with it anymore, good. Go watch someone else, go play another game, don’t spread that toxicity and your negative opinion in my chat,” he added.

He goes on to add that he believes this idea is “straight false,” and provides solid reasoning. “they hit peak record players in August. Morons, man. So frustrating,” he said, clearly expressing his frustration with the topic.

Whether or not the game is on the decline, Ninja certainly owes it a lot and his defense is solid enough at this time.

(Photo courtesy of GameByte)

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