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The first week of the Fortnite World Cup Online Open is under our belts. While some players walked away qualified and with some extra cash in their pockets, some were disqualified and banned. Even more, several of the now banned players had placed in the money and forfeited their earnings.

In a post titled “FORTNITE – COMPETITIVE GAME INTEGRITY,” Epic Games breaks down their process and the numbers for banned players during week one.

After each tournament, all players (including the winners) are carefully vetted by multiple teams and analytical processes to verify fair play according to the rules of the tournament, the Fortnite Code of Conduct, and the Fortnite End User License Agreement,” the post explains.

After that vetting and intense analytical dive into the players, over 1,200 players were banned.

Of that 1,200, 1,163 were banned for “14 days for circumventing region locks and playing in multiple regions through the course of the tournament.” Of those 1,163, 196 were prize winners that will no longer receive their winnings.

48 accounts, 9 of which were prize winners, have been handed a 14 day ban for account sharing.

Eight accounts were found to be teaming with one forfeiting his earnings.

A permanent ban struck down one player who was found to be using cheats during a semifinal. According to the post the account was in the game for less than five minutes before being banned.

Lastly, a 72 hour competitive ban was placed on a player for “intentionally disconnecting to avoid giving points to another competitor.”

While Fortnite has been getting a lot of heat lately for changes they’ve made to the game, one can’t argue they’re not doing a fantastic job staying on top of integrity. With so much money on the line, they know just how important it is that those choosing to abuse and exploit are not rewarded.

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