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Winning $3 million certainly puts you in the spotlight and thus far Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf has handled that bright spot very well even under some pretty wild circumstances.

During a recent stream to broadcast platform Twitch, the star player was swatted. “Swatting” is a term used to describe an act in which someone notifies the police of an emergency at the home of a live streamer that results in a raid from the police.

Swatting became a much more widely known act when an innocent and unrelated man was killed by police in Kansas after notorious swatter Tyler Barriss was given the wrong address by a player online. Tyler Barriss was arrested and convicted with a sentence of 20 years in prison being handed out.

In Bugha’s case, the player was in a game of Fortnite alongside friends and fellow Fortnite professionals Bizzle and Dubs when he suddenly stepped away from the computer.

Upon his return to the stream he explains that he was swatted. Luckily enough he explains one of the officers who arrived is a neighbor who is aware of his career in gaming and streaming.

Incidents have certainly gone worse and swatting is a crime in an of itself. While popular streamers, YouTubers, and other celebrities are often the target, others have been victims of such incidents.

Let’s all hope swatting eventually falls to the wayside and nobody else gets hurt.

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