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There are some tings you probably just shouldn’t do. Walking into a public bathroom filled with people and recording and/or streaming it is probably one of them.

During Dr Disrepect’s first-ever IRL (in real life) stream from E3 he broadcast himself walking around the venue, checking out booths, talking to fans, and walking into and broadcasting live from the populated men’s bathroom.

Shortly after his venture into the restroom his account was banned from Twitch. There’s not really a question as to why this was done as it’s hard to believe Twitch would allow such a skit to be aired with the possibility of catching someones private areas on camera or making people feel uncomfortable in a private space such as the bathroom.

It was reported the following morning by Kotaku that Dr Disrespect’s E3 badge revoked as well.

While there are some fans that just see it as a bit of humor, most social media commenters have been pretty understanding of why this was a bad call by the popular streamer and simply hope it won’t last forever.

The Doc hasn’t made any public comment at this time and the length of the ban is not public. Typically a first ban is only 24 hours but the severity can also play a rule so all we can do is wait and see.

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