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Last weekend, VALORANT Ignition Series, a series of tournaments created by Riot Games in partnership with players, teams, content creators, and tournament organizers from all over the world, started running and provided us several hours of pro-gaming show and entertainment.

The main goal of these tournaments is to facilitate organized competitive play at scale buy unlocking best-in-class esports organizations, to build the VALORANT competitive ecosystem, and for now, two events have happened: G2 x IGNITION in Europe and RAGE x IGNITION in Japan.



The European tournament crowned the team captained by the first G2 Esports VALORANT player Oscar ‘Mixwell’ Cañellas.

Despite they were the favourites to win, they didn’t have an easy path to playoffs. Both Draken‘s and ZeratoR‘s Teams forced the third map on each series, but Mixwell’s Team were able to win every one of them and went to the next phase without being defeated.

Once in playoffs, they were astonishing. They didn’t lose a single game and directly qualified to semifinals, where Mixwell and his friends destroyed Team ANGE1.

Team Draken, with G2 Esports CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodríguez as one of its players, also managed to qualify to the final and face one more time Mixwell’s Team… but all their expectations were broken. Team Mixwell won the first map with an easy 13-7 and destroyed the enemy team by handing them a 13-1 second map, in which Mixwell managed to finish 30/4/2.

That is how Team Mixwell crowned themselves in the European Ignition Series and earned a price pool of 10.000€



Japan’s biggest Esport event – RAGE – hosted the first officially licensed VALORANT tournament in Japan.

Here, Team Absolute JUPITER, a squad of ex-CS:GO players, were the kings, and their path to the final was absolutely easy, defeating the likes of AVALON Gaming, SunSister Rapid, and Nora-Rengo.

In the final, Lag Gaming was waiting for them after defeating BAKUMON in the craziest semi-finals, where BAKUMON were winning 8-0 and Lag Gaming overcame winning 13 straight rounds, putting the final result in 13-8.

The last series of the Japanese tournament were pretty close, but Absolute JUPITER managed to win the first two maps with a very good performance of Takej, who received MVP awards for his performances on Reyna and Sage.

Absoulute JUPITER won ¥500,000 in prize money.

Next events

VALORANT Ignition Series will have more events, but we are still waiting for more information.

According to VALORANT’s official website, they will be back next June 26th in Europe and North America.

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