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While we previously covered EA paying Tyler “Ninja” Blevins $1 million, a new report has come out showcasing just how much popular streamers can make to play a game for just one hour.

According to this report from the Wall Street Journal, sponsored streams are bringing in as much as $50,000 per hour for top level streamers. The report states that $25,000-$35,000 is the average rate for streamers who garner around 15,000 concurrent viewers.

Most if not all streamers will let their community know when they’re being paid to play a game with a #ad in the title, the tweets, and other ways. Regardless, it seems its been worth the money as popular streamers are a consistent means of advertisement into the exact demographic these companies want to hit.

If your favorite streamer is playing a game and having a blast (that’s the hope) you may just want to jump on in too, and that’s what companies like EA are banking on.

While not all publishers and developers have the money EA did to boost up Apex Legends, many still target streamers as a must-have marketing tool.

Sponsored streams are not going anywhere as Ubisoft and Take-Two Interactive have already committed to using this method for their upcoming releases according to the article.

Regardless, I think we can all agree we’d love to make $50,000 to try out a game for an hour and review it for our fans. Not a bad gig.

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