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Even the “human aimbot” himself has to give credit where it’s due. Michael “shroud” Grzesiek recently participated in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Pro-Am where he competed against other top streams, celebrities, and Call of Duty professionals.

While shroud can certainly carry his own in almost any first person shooter given his mechanical ability, reflexes, and game sense – those more practiced in the art of Call of Duty showed the former Counter-Strike professional exactly whose game he was playing.

During the first stage of the event, shroud competed in the same game as Seth “Scump” Abner. The 2017 World Champion who has 27 total tournament wins finished the game with 52 kills and shroud was quick to recognize. “Dude scump is slaying!” he said during the match. “Scump is so good, it’s crazy how good he is. I don’t understand, how does he do it?” he added later.

Next up shroud moved into 2v2 Gunfight, a new mode in the game. His duo was the Golden State Warriors’ D’Angelo Russell. For a moment shroud thought he might get a reprieve as he wasn’t pinned against Scump but that wouldn’t be the case as another CoD pro opposed him in the server.

“We’re not playing Scump yet, but we’re playing another Call of Duty professional, Priestahh, and he’s going to lay us out,” the 25-year-old explained in the video.

Former 100 Thieves player Preston “Priestahh” Griener showed no mercy as he led his team to a swift 6-1 in which he managed 12 kills and nearly soloed his way to the win against shroud.

While there’s often been trash talk towards Call of Duty players and their consoles from the PC side, shroud most certainly gained a bit more respect for the pros and their craft at the Pro-Am.

Call of Duty will unveil the full multiplayer game mode as a beta on September 20 and cross-platform, another highly anticipated item will be available.

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