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Which organization has the most committed fans is normally met with roars of support from various groups claiming their team has the best fans. However, a recently released chart from ESC gives a direct look at which fans came out in support of their team.

The chart showcases the top 10 esports organizations based on hours watched. While there is certainly context missing in terms of more final appearances, big matches, etc. which in turn lead to greater viewership, it’s still interesting to see which teams got the most air time.

Liquid lead the pack with 92.8 million total hours watched throughout 2018. Fnatic was close behind at 90.8 but then the drop off is steep as Cloud9 is next on the list at 57.6 million. Things drop more gradually from there and the top 10 is rounded out with Evil Geniuses at 38.5 million hours watched.

It is also important to note that both Fnatic and Liquid have players in the top esports titles as well when comparing them to the likes of Evil Geniuses who don’t field a CS:GO team for instance. Another big thing to point out is Astralis as they are strictly a CS:GO team, the only one esport organization on the list. This is of course due to the previously mentioned point of final appearances as they dominated the CS:GO scene throughout the year.

It will be interesting to see if the numbers look the same for 2019. I suppose we have to wait and find out!

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