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Dota Auto Chess test server received a few updates that reveal more than just the Dazzle imminent addition to the game.

Shallow Grave

Dazzle was already added on the test server on April 17 as a Troll – Priest chess piece but his ability and the new class trait weren’t specified. In an update from today, April 23, Dazzle received his Dota 2 saving spell, Shallow Grave.

In Dota Auto Chess, the Shallow Grave has 10 seconds cooldown and will save 1/2/3 allied chess pieces from dying for 5 seconds. Dazzle will automatically cast Shallow Grave onto the chess piece(s) with the lowest percentage of health points.

Priest trait: Shield

Priest is the new class expected to arrive on the live version of the game at the same time with Dazzle and for now it will bring a new trait that activates on just one Priest chess piece placed on the board.

Shield will provide a 30% damage reduction shield to the courier.

There are a few indicators that hint to the addition of Dark Seer as well, but for now we will not go into any detail regarding this new possible chess piece. A rather more surprising update on the test server is the Super Secret Rare Lich.

What are Super Secret Rare (SSR) pieces?

Dota Auto Chess already has two SSR chess pieces, but most of the players haven’t ever seen them. That’s because the SSR pieces have a roll chance of 1/10 million.

Chaos Knight Hellfire costs 15 gold and comes with a second ability which is his Dota 2 ultimate, Phantasm.  The other SSR piece already implemented in the game is Necrophos. It costs 10 gold and comes with the Dota 2 ultimate, Reaper’s Scythe.

While for most of the players, the existence of these two Super Secret Rare pieces sounds more like a myth, here is a video from an earlier patch where someone has actually received an SSR Chaos Knight.

SSR Lich

The test server revealed today Lich to join the SSR tier. His ability seems to be the old Sacrifice spell of the Dota 2 Lich but the description for the spell in Dota Auto Chess hasn’t be added.

Test server gameplay and cosmetic updates:

– Updated the ability of Ogre Magi and Witch Doctor to keep it consistent with the ability description. Also Plasma Field (Razor) and Bloodlust(Ogre) will no longer affect the movement of pieces.

– Changed cosmetic sets for 2-star and 3-star Slardar.

– Pre-battle period will show the current star level of your pieces.

-SSR pieces now have special visual effect to show their current star level.

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