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With the rising popularity of mobile games and in particular mobile MOBAs, it’s no surprise that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has brought in such a large number of fans and players. Of these fans, some are cosplayers who love to dress up in full costumes to look like characters from the fan-favorite game.

We’ve brought forth some of the best cosplayers portraying characters from MLBB for your viewing pleasure. If you want to see our previous MLBB cosplay coverage, check it out here.

Check out these cosplayers and support their content if you enjoy it!

Neph does a fantastic job pulling off this Hanabi cosplay:

Alexander Bella looks awesome in the role of Lesley:

Photo: Alexander Bella – instagram

jpzeii is graceful as Lunox:

Photo: @jpzeii

This Angela cosplay by catnipxmeow is perfect:

Photo: @catnipxmeow

We love to see our favorite games and characters come to life, so which MLBB hero would you like to see cosplayed the most? Let us know on social media or in the comments below!

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