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The Dota Underlords beta has been released for the TI9 Battlepass owners and it is Valve’s standalone game analogous to Drodo Studios’ Auto Chess. Dota Underlords has a lot of things which are different as compared to the original Dota Auto Chess including changes to the UI. The most prominent chage that players will see is the inclusion of four new heroes and a change in the race and classes of the pieces, or as the game says, Underlords.

New Heroes

(1) Arc Warden: Primordial – Shaman (3 gold)

Arc Warden with his Tempest Double is a part of Dota Underlords, and was never seen in Dota Auto Chess. Dota Underlords has one slot for every hero so whatever item Arc Warden has will be used by his Tempest Double. ‘Primordial’ in Dota Underlords is the same as ‘Elemental’ in Dota Auto Chess, although the effect of Primordials is a bit different (it disarms other heroes instead of turning them into stone).

Potential: Arc Warden with two units has a lot of damage potential and along with another Shaman like Shadow Shaman or Disruptor, can instantly disable an enemy hero. However, a 1-star Arc Warden is not the most useful as he dies before invoking his Tempest Double.

(2) Bloodseeker: Human – Assassin (1 gold)

Bloodseeker in Dota Underlords is a bit like Huskar in Dota 2. He loses HP and gains attack speed because of Bloodrage. Getting kills helps him stay alive, but any kind of disable or inability to get kills is lethal for Bloodseeker.

Potential: Bloodseeker can be a good early game unit, but I don’t see him staying on the board late in the game. Along with a couple of more Assassins, he can wreak havoc early in the game.

(3) Pudge: Heartless – Warrior (2 gold)

The ‘Heartless’ race is the same as ‘Undead’ in Dota Auto Chess. He hooks the farthest enemy close to him and all allies close to him clober the unit.

Potential: Pudge has a lot of HP and can act as a very good tank and frontliner. Being a Warrior, he also gets the addition armor when playing alongside two or more Warriors. Also helps get those pesky Drow Rangers and Snipers (who stand in corners) closeby and get rid of them.

(4) Warlock: Blood-bound – Warlock (1 gold)

Warlock brings with him a new race – Blood-bound. The only other hero sharing it with him for now is Ogre Magi. We’ll look at that in more detail along with the alliances.

Potential: Strong early game unit, especially paired with Ogre Magi. Warlock offers both, offensive and defensive abilites with Shadow Word, just as in Dota 2.


‘Alliances’ is the term used in Dota Underlords for races and classes. Most of them are the same from Dota Auto Chess with different names, and as mentioned before, there is one new race.

– Assassins: Same as before
– Blood-bound: New addition
– Brawny: Orc from Dota Auto Chess
– Deadeye: Dwarf from before
– Demon: Same as before
– Demon Hunter: Same as before
– Dragon: Same as before
– Druid: Same as before
– Elusive: Elves from Dota Auto Chess
– Heartless: Undead from Dota Auto Chess
– Human: Same as before
– Hunter: Same as before
– Inventor: Mech from before
– Knight: Same as before
– Mage: Same as before
– Primordial: Elemental from Dota Auto Chess
– Savage: Beast from Dota Auto Chess
– Scaled: Naga from Dota Auto Chess
– Scrappy: Goblin from Dota Auto Chess
– Shaman: Same as before
– Troll: Same as before
– Warlock: Same as before
– Warrior: Same as before


Blood-bound is the new race in Dota Underlords and it is an interesting one at that. Here is what it does:

The trick is to sacrifice certain units for others get really strong. And it seems Swim has already gotten a good handle on how to use it!

This should definitely lead to some interesting strats.

The beta opens to everyone sometime next week, which when they will probably add tutorials and give us an idea about when the ranked season starts. The game says new rank seasons will feature new heroes, which is a good thing, as there won’t be too many heroes in rotation at the same time (which can make the game highly luck based) and mixing and matching of heroes will lead to new metas. Right now, the Dota Underlords teams is accepting any feedback players have for them so you do have suggestions to make the game better, make sure you mention them here:

When the beta is open to all and we get more details about the game, VPEsports will bring you indepth guides.

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