No matches

In the kind of incident that happens once in a blue moon and is talked about for years, Call of Duty streamer Carl Riemer accidently fired a gun while streaming on Twitch. Carl’s channel has been banned by Twitch.

Carl’s reaction shows that he didn’t mean to do it and it was a mistake. But mistake or not, the gun did get fired and Carl will be facing the consequences. Getting banned from Twitch was just the first of the repercussions. The streamer was also removed from the Soar Gaming roster. Soar Gaming put out a statement regarding the incident, stating clearly that they do not condone the actions of Carl.

A few hours after the incident, Carl made a video and uploaded it on Twitter in which he admitted he had made a huge mistake, apologized for his actions and requested viewers to never do anything this stupid.

The good thing about the incident was, no one was hurt. Neither Carl nor his furry friends suffered any injuries and he came out all the wiser. Of course, like he mentions in the video, he will suffer a huge setback due to this mistake and will have to work his way back to where he was. But, it is always a positive step to acknowledge a mistake, advise others against it and move on. As the first tweet says, guns are not toys. Be careful, stay safe.

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