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According to the Weibo user 新人寒, the latest Dota Auto Chess test server updates reveal plenty of additions to the Dota 2 Arcade mode. Earlier this week Drodo Studio brought Sven to the chess board as a Demon-Warrior and, by the looks of the game code, they are not done with importing new pieces.

There are a total of five new heroes being tested as of now, a new race to be added and two more items, which will be the first two consumables in Dota Auto Chess.


Visage (Undead, Dragon, Hunter)

Cost: 2 gold
Health: 600/1200/2400
Armor: 0
Magic Resistance: 30

Winter Wyvern (Dragon, Mage)

Cost: 1 gold
Health: 550/1100/2200
Armor: 0
Magic Resistance: 10

Jakiro (Dragon, Mage)

Cost: 5 gold
Health: 1000/2000/4000
Armor: 0
Magic Resistance: 10

New race: Wizard

Wizard Synergy(2): Minus 1 required piece amount for race and class synergies that require (4) or more pieces

Rubick (God, Wizard)

Cost: 2 gold
Health: 500/1000/2000
Armor: 0
Magic Resistance: 0
Ability: Spell Steal

At the beginning of the battle, Rubick will steal the ability of a random enemy piece to replace “Spell Steal”. The stolen ability will be reset back to “Spell Steal” after losing a round.

Grimstroke (Demon, Wizard)

Cost: 4 gold
Health: 750/1500/3000
Armor: 5
Magic Resistance: 20

New items:

Tango: Consume a tree to restore 5 health for your courier

Mango: Restore 5 mana for your courier


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