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Astralis’ Inferno, The Map that can Decide the Major

Photo: By Helena Kristiansson for ESL Astralis built their era on two maps: Nuke and Inferno. Everyone knows the undefeated 27-0

G2 vs TyLoo, The Battle of Legacy and Determination

Photos: By Adela Sznajder for ESL The Majors Challenger Stage (formerly known as the Major Qualifiers) is purgatory. It is a

The Boys go to the Legends Stage, A Renegades Story

Photo: By Helena Kristiansson for ESL The last time a Renegades squad made it to the top 16 section of a

Dota 2 Patch 7.21b: Winners, Losers and the Balance of Io

Image: Wykrhm Reddy Valve released the 7.21 patch a few weeks ago and the first balance is out in the form

Valve Snub Dota 2 Item Collectors with their New Treasure

[Update - February 16]: Since the publication of this article, Valve replaced the Flowing Entropy Spectre set, but Airborne Assault Craft,

Purge’s Guides to Dating and Relationship Are All You Need on Valentine’s Day

image by: WePlay Esports WePlay Esports have been a player in the esports industry for a few years now. To Dota

Dota Auto Chess: The Best 11 Heroes in the Game

Earlier, times were simple. Open up Dota 2 and search for a game. But now with Dota Auto Chess as

Who can Stop Astralis?

Photo: By Kirill for BLAST "They pray for the death of our dynasty like 'Amen' Right here stands a man With the power

Shox vs NBK-, The French Civil War

Photos: By DreamHack The French CS:GO scene is in a reign of terror. It was once a premier region as they

5 Tips on How to Improve at Apex Legends

(Image: EA) Apex has been out for a week now and it's time to take your game to the next level.

Kuku's WESG ban is a dangerous precedent and Valve must step in

Photo by: StarLadder It should’ve ended with a simple punishment. A monetary fine, perhaps, or even a few months of sabbatical,

Growth, A NRG Story

Photo: By Bart Oerbekke For ESL NRG have finally made the CS:GO Major. For the team, this is a milestone event as