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Built only a couple two weeks ago by Adrian “Fata-” Trinks and Neta “33” Shapira, the mudgolems stack reach their target by securing a spot in the grand finals of their first tournament together.

Push strategies developed around Nature’s Prophet, Death Prophet or Visage, and drafts with big snowball potential have been the name of the game for mudgolems so far at the third season of BTS Pro Series Europe and CIS. They placed first in the group stage without losing a single series and cruised through the upper bracket rounds to reach the grand finals. The battle for a secured top two finish was held against Ninjas in Pyjamas who although they seem to have sorted out some of the issues, they still got crushed 2-0 by mudgolmes today.

Game one closed with nearly 45k gold lead for Fata- and co., who ran a highly mobile draft along with an infest bomb option. Given mudgolems’ capacity to disengage and escape any ganks in any of the three lanes, NiP were able to land a first kill only 15 minutes into the game, when their opponents were already close to a 10K gold lead. Unfortunately, the series went from bad to worse for NiP, as in the second game they found themselves once again outmaneuvered and outplayed.

With mudgolems waiting in the grand finals for a shot at taking the tournament title, the BTS Pro Series Season 3 Europe and CIS continues today with the lower bracket semifinal versus Khan. NiP will have their chance to bounce back, tomorrow, September 20 in the lower bracket finals. 

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