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First official comments regarding Alliance’s surprising decision to release their captain Adrian “Fata” Trinks along with the offlane player Neta “33” Shapira come from the organization co-owner and CEO, Jonathan “Loda” Berg, who talked to the Swedish publication SportExpressen.

“The group has been a bit divided for a long time. Not that there has been any major crack, but it has been quite clear that they want to work in different ways. It was something we discovered quite early on, but we worked around it in different ways and changed our training to make it work. The split should have become more and more evident the longer the season went on.” Loda explained.

Fata and 33 were the founding members of the stack signed by Alliance at the beginning of the 2019 – 2020 Dota Pro Circuit season. With Fata taking the group leadership and making a successful role change, switching from mid lane to support 5, Alliance started the season in an explosive manner, with a tournament victory in Rotterdam at DreamLeague Season 12, and decent placings at the first two Majors, which theoretically brought enough DPC points to the organization to secure a spot at The International 2020. The tenth anniversary edition of TI was announced to be held in Stockholm, Sweden mid-August, but the current coronavirus outbreak around the world brings a lot of uncertainties. Will there be a TI in August, will there be any other DPC tournaments to decide the teams attending it, will Sweden still play the host for the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the year, will there be a TI at all this year? None of these questions has a clear answer yet, and given the big nebula everyone in the esports field is trying to navigate these days, Alliance took the risk to make a roster change now, until it’s not too late.

“It is clear that it is risky, TI is such a big deal, but you should never be locked out of that. Based on last year’s points we would have already qualified for TI now, but at the same time you never know and something extreme could have happened there as well. But I think it’s important not to let TI take up too much space. Sometimes you know that you should make changes,” Loda said.

Following Fata and 33’s departure, Alliance welcomed back one of their TI3 champions.  Gustav “s4” Magnusson returned to where his professional career started after nearly four years of playing for other European and North American squads. He is now slowly taking back the captain and the drafting duties, while the team is still deciding on the final puzzle piece, the fifth position.


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