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(Photo: FalleNCS Twitter)

There’s been lots of professional athletes seen playing the likes of Fortnite over the last year, however, Neymar has stayed true to Counter-Strike: Global Offense. The Brazilian soccer star has been known to be a fan of the Counter-Strike franchise for awhile now, and has even met up with the likes of MIBR’s Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo. The Brazilian has been a big supporter of teams and players from the region including MIBR & FURIA who have both participated in the ongoing IEM Katowice 2019 CS:GO Major.

In a recent clip posted by the superstar to his Instagram account, Neymar pulls off a 1v5 ace clutch for a 14-5 lead on Mirage. With just 7hp, Neymar withstands several aggressive pushes from the counter-terrorists in middle. After securing the 1v1, the clip cuts to Neymar planting the bomb at the B site. Maneuvering around the pillars and boxes, the soccer star sets himself up for a cheeky knife kill to seal the deal.

Clearly the soccer star has some raw ability in the game and I’m sure his top physical shape (outside of his current injury) and absolutely insane coordination plays a role in his fragging ability in CS:GO.

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