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Changes have been revealed for the ESL Pro League relegation system. The changes were brought in as part of the leagues overall change in structure.

This season is being played completely on LAN with different groups from three regions (NA, EU, AP) battling it out in their respective regions to earn a place at the LAN finals.

esl pro league season 9

The changes are not global and will be specific to each region.


The teams who come in last in their respective groups throughout the group stage will be placed in a best-of-three, double-elimination bracket.

The winning team saves their spot in the ESL Pro League while the second and third place teams will have to battle it out against the second and third place team from MDL Season 31. The final spot will go directly to the MDL Season 31 champions.

North America:

Things run a different route across the Atlantic.

The three 4th placed Pro League teams from round 1 get put into a double elimination group together with the second place of MDL season 31. The winner of that group keeps their spot in Pro League. However, the other three teams continue their journey in an online relegation together with the third-placed MDL team for the one remaining position in Pro League.”


Things in the Asia-Pacific region are a little more complicated as they become more split up.

Australia New Zealand
The two 4th placed teams from the Australian round 1 groups play a double elimination group together with top two from qualifiers in Australia / New Zealand. The top two make it to the next season, the other two teams are relegated.

Greater China
The 4th placed team in Pro League round 1 plays against the winner of a new qualifier in the region.

Rest of Asia
The 4th placed team plays a double-elimination group with the top 2 from a new SEA qualifier and the winner of the respective Indian Premiership season. Only the winner qualifies for the next season of Pro League.

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