No matches’s marvellous run in the ESL One Los Angeles Online came to an end with a top 3 finish at the hands of back to back TI champions, OG.

Without a shadow of a doubt, were the biggest surprise of the tournament. They took down OG in the group stage, Alliance and Team Secret in the playoffs, they made a clear run through the lower bracket for a rematch with OG for a spot into the grand finals, but this time around OG were much better prepared for them.

After watching the treatment gave to Team Secret yesterday with Queen of Pain, and the one applied to Chicken Fighters with Broodmother, OG made sure that these two heroes would not make it to the pick phase of the draft. They also denied the the chance to play either Mars or Snapfire, two heroes they used pretty successfully against other teams. But while they focused their bans on what seemed to be comfort picks for the young tier two team, OG found themselves having to play against a Meepo draft in game one. Unfortunately for, their draft was a bit too greedy, as they also had the Lycan on their side, and couldn’t hit the timings right. OG sent Syed “SumaiL” Hassan in the mid lane on Terrorblade and he managed to out farm and out level the Meepo to deny any chance of executing their plan. The game was done and dusted in under 30 minutes with Sumail boasting double the networth of Meepo.

Game two went down even fast, despite outstanding efforts from Tobias “Tobi” Buchner on Pangolier to create the space for his Drow Ranger to farm. OG ran over their adversaries with a Gyrocopter, core Nature’s Prophet and a Timbersaw, all playing very aggressive and grouping up for objectives from an early stage.

While ESL One Los Angeles Online ends for with an honorable third place finish and $25,000 prize money, OG are heading into the grand finals where they are given the chance to take revenge over, who defeated them on Saturday in the upper bracket finals. 

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