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After some serious upsets in the lower bracket earlier today, it was time for a gigantic upper bracket showdown between the unbeaten and OG in the upper bracket finals at ESL One Los Angeles Online.

OG’s run through the group stages of ESL One Los Angeles Online were not the greatest, but the team which have not played too often with their latest squad were able to hold their own against most opponents – except a surprising defeat to However, the team also did lose 2-0 to their upper bracket final opponents, – the CIS squad which were currently unbeaten in the event. Having not had the best of times in recent events, VP came into ESL One LA Online refreshed and have been dominating all who crossed their path.

On paper, game one was an absolute stomping from VP as things ended at 53 – 18 after 40-minutes of action throughout the game, with both teams having fast lineups which would run at each other. VP controlled the kill score for quite some time, always finding great team fights and pickoffs, but that did not deter OG too much in the early periods as they kept themselves even on the networth graphs. However, VP did not let them get back into the game and with their two cores and offlaner having 14, 15 and 16 kills, the CIS squad claimed game one.

With their lead, VP decided to try something they did during the group stage of the event – which worked for them then too, a Techies for Bakyt ‘Zayac’ Emilzhanov. Things were far more even this time around in every way, with OG unable to really push forward due to the threat of Techies mines but that didn’t always stop them either. But as the game reached the half hour mark, OG could no longer win the fights and even though they were the ones looking to push highground, VP would come out on top.

After 50-minutes, with VP ripping through them again and again, VP would claim another 2-0 victory over OG and push themselves into the grand finals of ESL One Los Angeles Online. OG would still have a chance at revenge though as they now drop into the lower bracket final where they await their opponent, which will be decided in today’s final matchup between and Chicken Fighters.

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