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Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon is probably one of the best top laners in the world right now. Many people knew about him for the first time last year during the 2019 World Championship, when he became famous for blowing up one of the now non-existent League of Legends runes: Cleptomancy.

He was able to use and make Cleptomancy useful with every champion he picked, no matter the matchup or his own teammates’ draft, and managed to reach Quarter-Finals, where they were beaten by G2 Esports. Now, with that rune deleted from the game, he has proven how adaptative he can be and has become a key player for his team, DAMWON Gaming.

2020 has been an impressive year for this team. In the Spring Split of the LCK, they managed to qualify to Playoffs, but couldn’t get a good result. Later, in the Summer Split, DAMWON Gaming ended first in the regular season and made it to the finals, where they crowned themselves kings of the Korean league, beating DRX 3:0.

With that result, Nuguri and his team qualified for the 2020 World Championship as the first seed of their region, becoming one of the favorite teams for the fans to challenge the international throne.

Nuguri sobre la Mid-Season Cup y T1: "Tienen mucha experiencia. Siento como  que toman buenas decisiones en situaciones críticas, sobre todo en  escenarios importantes." - Esportmaníacos

But suddenly, when all the qualified teams were starting to prepare and to train for the biggest League of Legends event, we received some disturbing news about the Korean top laner: he had been diagnosed with pneumothorax, one of his lungs had collapsed and he needed surgery.

Fortunately, we quickly knew that the surgery was successful and Nuguri was recovering in the hospital, but his trip to China had to be delayed. Both things, his convalescence and the delayed trip to Worlds have worried the fans about the impact it can have at the Championship.

To calm all of us, the 21 years old top laner has conceded a brief interview with our colleagues from InvenGlobal where he talks about his recovery.

Nuguri claims to have recovered “quite a lot” since the surgery, but he cannot know how he actually feels until he gets to the plane to travel to Worlds.

When asked about his health during the Split, he answered: “Whenever I was on a walk, walking upstairs, or working out, there was always chest pain. However, whenever I was in front of a PC, I always felt fine. I think I’ve recovered quite a bit since my surgery, and I think I’ll know how I really feel when I get on that plane“.

For all the fans who worry about Nuguri’s performance at Worlds, don’t. The top laner assures that he is still scrimming with the team over Discord from Korea, so he is not missing any training session.

Actually, he had time to speak about Worlds, and let us know that he is excited to face other top laners like ‘369‘ from TOP Esports, or ‘Zoom‘ from JD Gaming (both from the Chinese LPL).

When asked to conclude the interview sending a message to his fans, he sent a clear message about his intentions: there is no sickness that can destroy his desire to achieve everything.

We were unfortunately eliminated from Worlds last year in the quarterfinals. We’ll work hard to achieve more this year to make this our redemption year. Thank you for all the support!” – Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon

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