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It seems like 2020 keeps filling our lives with atypical things, and its last surprise has been one of the most legendary esports organizations being kicked out of the League of Legends World Championship.

T1 has had a very rough summer. The beginning of the year was amazing for them. They qualified in second place in the regular season of the Spring Split and then crowned themselves one more time winners of the LCK after two insane series against DRX in Semifinals (3-1) and Gen.G in the big Finals, where they won 3-0.

But the new split brought a completely new story. Faker’s team struggled a lot during the regular season of the Summer Split. They qualified to playoffs in the fourth position, but the sensations were not the best.

Those sensations were confirmed in the first round of the LCK Summer Playoffs when T1 lost their series against Afreeca Freecs and thus, fell to the fifth position, which only granted them 20 Championship Points.

Those Championship Points, together with the Spring Split points (90), forced T1 to play the Regional Qualifiers, in order to get one spot as an LCK representative in the 2020 World Championship, since two of the three seeds reserved for the region were already occupied by DAMWON Gaming and DRX (LCK Summer Champion and the second-highest Championship Points).

The Regional Qualifier started with Afreeca Freecs beating KT Rolster 3-0, and T1 received the winner of this series in the middle of an ocean of doubts. These doubts came from the roster changes that T1 was constantly doing, but it worked out in their series: T1 won 3-1 and qualified for the Regional Finals, they only needed one more step to qualify for Worlds.

In the Regional Finals, Gen.G was waiting for the team that destroyed their dreams of becoming Champions of the Spring Split, they could take revenge and kick T1 out of Worlds… and so they did.

Gen.G outclassed T1 in a 3-0 series where Faker’s team showed a very inconsistent performance, following the trend that they have taken throughout the Summer Season.

With this result, T1, the most successful League of Legends team of all time, and Faker, the pro player with the most international trophies in his pocket, will be out of the scene until 2021.

On the other hand, Gen.G qualifies as the third seed and will represent their region starting in the Main Event, thanks to the issues with the Vietnamese teams, that won’t be able to assist this year.

Gen.G is the last team to qualify for the 2020 League of Legends World Championship, all the spots have already been fulfilled. We still need to know what groups will we have… will we have more surprises this year?

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