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The second day of the second round of the 2020 World Championship Groups Stage was set to decide what teams of Group B would advance to the next phase (Quarter-Finals), and what two teams would be eliminated from the tournament.

At the beginning of the day, the group was already pretty clear. Group B was probably one of the most differentiated groups we have, with a clear favorite, DAMWON Gaming, and an obvious underdog, PSG Talon, the team that qualified through the Play-in.

Those were the scores for each team before the games started:

  • DAMWON Gaming: 3-0
  • JD Gaming: 2-1
  • Rogue: 1-2
  • PSG Talon: 0-3
Worlds 2020 Group Stage Groups -

The first game matched the first and the last team of the group. DAMWON Gaming and PSG Talon, and from the result of this match, we could have the first team of the group to qualify for the Quarter-Finals and the first to be eliminated.

That situation would happen if the Korean team was able to win PSG Talon and despite the Taiwanese team seemed to have a good early game, DAMWON finally destroyed them. With it, DAMWON Gaming was the first team of Group B to qualify for the next stage, while PSG had no chances no matter the next results.

In the second game, Rogue faced JD Gaming. The Chinese team had an “easier” situation to deal with, but the European representative could not afford any loss if they wanted to depend on themselves for the rest of the day.

But the worst thing happened to the LEC team. JD Gaming managed to take advantage of Rogue’s mistakes and won the game, which put them in a good position to fight for the first seed of the group, while the European team had to say goodbye to their dreams.

In two games, we knew what teams were eliminated and what teams would pass. There were only the final positions to be decided.

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With nothing to fight for, Rogue had a new challenge in the third game of the day, this time against DAMWON Gaming.

Nevertheless, every game was still important for the Korean representative, and they proved it in this match against Rogue. Merciless, DAMWON destroyed an already destroyed team and kept being undefeated one more time.

Everything was to be decided in the last game of the day.

In the meantime, we had the fourth game between JD Gaming and PSG Talon. The Chinese representative needed to win this game if they wanted to have any chance to get the first position in the group, but PSG didn’t want to leave the Main Event without knowing the victory.

And that is what they did. The Taiwanese team proved to the world that they deserve to be at Worlds, and managed to win the second LPL seed with an easy victory that left us without tiebreakers on this day.

Group B was already resolved, but two more games were still to be played: PSG Talon vs Rogue, fighting for not being the last team (both were 1-4 before the game started), and DAMWON Gaming vs JD Gaming, in a game that could have been the greatest of this day, but where nothing was going to be changed.

The first of these games ended with a new victory for PSG Talon, so Rogue went down to the last position of the group.

The second resulted in the victory of JD Gaming, which proved DAMWON that they are not invincible.

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