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A game where draft advantage was almost the same, this is the game analysis of an amazing comeback by Demon Slayers. After playing patiently through early and mid-game and waiting for Lifestealer’s radiance, Demon Slayers slowly but steadily closed the gap and took over the match in the late game. Match ID: 5076320605.

Draft scene:

Draft: Demon Slayers vs J.Storm

Draft Advantage overall view

Both the teams went for a team fight draft while picking many AOE damage heroes and there were not many differences except Demon Slayers had a slight advantage in terms of durability and mobility. Overall draft advantage was close but still in the favour of J.Storm at 55% and Demon Slayers at 45%. This was one of those games where items and game-play played more of a role than counter picks.

Draft Advantage in detail

Game Strategy of Demon Slayers:

Demon Slayers had a draft with more durable and mobile heroes and both the teams had less lock-down abilities. With good wave clearing abilities by both the teams, pushing for towers without a fight would have been impossible. Considering all of these, Demon Slayers decided not to worry a lot about towers in the early and mid-game and wait for Lifestealer’s radiance, a good team fight item especially in the early and mid-game.

Game Strategy of J.Storm:

J.Storm’s idea was to push as 5, get as many towers as early as possible and build a good lead before Demon Slayers prepare for big team fights.

J.Storm had the opportunity to counter this by buying a pipe for Kunkka but they decided to go for anti-right-click-damage items for him like Solar Crest and Assault Cuirass.

Team Fight Scenario:

Even though J.Storm had a good range advantage and abilities to kite heroes like Lifestealer and Timbersaw, they were unable to fight well because they lacked a strong front line hero. Kunkka should have tanked more and stayed more in the front line rather than playing cat and mouse. A pipe on Kunkka would have helped him sustain more magical damage. In every fight, Kunkka was around 80% HP and using abilities from the back while SF at 30% was tanking and dealing damage in the front line. Eventually Crystal Maiden was rarely able to use her ultimate effectively.

Meanwhile, Demon Slayers’ supports had a great time fighting from the back as the opponents were not able to position themselves effectively. Moreover, when J.Storm dealt damage to either Lifestealer or Timbersaw, they had the abilities to heal back and maintain their front-line aggressive positioning.

Item Choices:

J.Storm had a lead of 9,000 gold during the mid-game and they could have opted for better items like Pipe or Silver Edge. After buying Sange and Yasha, SF bought Butterfly at 38th minute. Even though butterfly is a good item, Silver Edge would have helped him in either escaping or in killing Timbersaw quickly. Kunkka could have purchased Pipe to help the team handle more magical damage. Crystal Maiden, who was playing at position 4, finished her BKB at 37th minute after just a Force Staff as another item. She could have purchased a Glimmer Cape and would have been able to finish it before 30th minute which would have helped her in using the ultimate at least for a few seconds. Total number of anti-invisible items purchased were 98 sentries, 5 dusts and 2 Gems which is a lot by both the teams.

List of support items purchased

Overall view of Demon Slayers:

They are improving their late gameplay and are able to fight back even when they are far behind. If they improve their map positioning and rotating in early to mid-game then they would be able to defeat any team in this tournament.

A tip for young players:

Brave decisions that result in a defeat are highly criticised but if there is good coordination within the team then it can work. The way Demon Slayers waited for Lifestealer’s radiance was a greedy but brave move and they might have suffered a defeat but they knew Lifestealer was going to get kited around so with a radiance he would have a better impact.

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